Below we have provided some frequently asked questions and answers that have been commonly asked by our customers during their journey. If you can’t find the answers you are looking for, contact us on our Feedback page and we will respond to your query. 


Q. What approval/endorsement do I need to build my home?

The first requirement is Stockland endorsement of your House Design Package. It is your responsibility to ensure that Stockland reviews and endorses your House Design Package prior to submitting a Development Application to Council.  Your House Design Package is made up of items such as house plans, external colours and landscape plans.


After you receive Stockland endorsement of your House Design Package, your builder will submit a Development Application to Council for their approval and then obtain a Construction Certificate from either Council or an Accredited Certifier to enable construction to commence on site.


Q. I need help understanding the Design Essentials.  Who can help me?

Your Customer Relations Coordinator can assist you with questions that you may have regarding the requirements of the Design Essentials. 


Q. Can someone check that my plans are O.K. before I formally submit my House Design Package to Stockland for endorsement?

Stockland is happy to provide preliminary comments on your proposed design to help you in heading along the right path during the planning stages of your House Design Package.  Your builder can submit a preliminary approval of your plans through iScope.


The design review team will then come back to you with any comments for you to fine tune your design before requesting a full approval. This review service takes around two weeks and any comments made during this review are of an advisory nature only and are subject to change once a full House Design Package is assessed.


Q. Can I make variations to the approved plans?

Your builder must submit an amendment through iScope to obtain approval from Stockland to make any changes to the documents Stockland endorses in your House Design Package. This applies before, during and after construction and includes, but is not limited to, changes to: house position, setbacks, external colours and materials, fencing, landscaping, driveways, retaining walls, etc. Please note that this condition applies whilst ever Stockland is a landowner in the Bayswood.  You must make your own enquiries to check if the changes proposed require additional approval by Council or an Accredited Certifier.


Q. Can I add security screens or doors to my home?

You are able to add security screens and doors to your home, Stockland endorse the following brands (or similar) which meet the specifications noted below:


Supascreen www.flyscreensanddoors.com.au/supascreen.htm

Secureview www.secureview.com.au

Crimsafe www.crimsafe.com.au

Amplimesh – ClearGuard www.amplimesh.com.au


Security doors and screens visible from public view must meet the following requirements:

  • No bars, grilles or patterns are permitted.
  • The security door or screen frame must be the same colour as the existing door/window frame and the ‘mesh’ part of a dark grey colour (similar to traditional flyscreen).

The above specifications are designed to preserve the quality of the streetscape within Bayswood whilst not compromising your choice to secure your home.


Q. How can I help to contribute to the great presentation at Bayswood?

Once settlement has occurred, you are responsible to maintain your lot clear from rubbish, debris and other introduced materials.


It is the responsibility of the land owner to;

  • Ensure your lot is in a clean and tidy condition at all times
  • Ensure that your builder does not leave hazards in the nature strip
  • Ensure you or your builder do not dump rubbish on neighbouring lots
  • Approach neighbouring builders if rubbish is dumped on your lot (Stockland can advise the name of surrounding builders if you are unable to locate these).

Q. Who do I contact if I have questions about construction works taking place at Bayswood?

Please contact your Customer Relations Coordinator if you have questions about construction works being undertaken at Bayswood such as roads, parks and other general services. 


If you have a question about individual houses being constructed in Bayswood, please contact the relevant builder of that house. Stockland can provide you with the name of the relevant builder if requested.


Q. How do I know what my street address will be?

Your property is referred to by a lot and DP (deposited plan) number during the purchase process and your ongoing dealings with Stockland.  The DP number is also the reference used on your certificate of title issued by the Department of Lands.  If you would like to find out what your street number will be, please contact Council, as they are the authority that will assign your street address.


Q. How can I find out who my neighbours are?

An exciting part of moving into a new community is meeting your new neighbours! If you would like to make contact with your neighbours prior to moving in, you will need to contact Council as they have authorisation to provide your neighbours details.  Privacy laws prevent us from passing any details on without permission.


Q. Who do I contact if I have concerns about security related issues at Bayswood?

Please report any security breaches or reckless behaviour to the relevant authority (ie. police, fire brigade, ambulance and/or Council). 


Q. How do I arrange fencing on my lot?

Fencing of lots is the responsibility of the landowner and is for the landowner to arrange in conjunction with neighbouring landowners. To find out who your neighbours are you will need to contact Council, as they have authorisation to provide your neighbours details. Privacy laws prevent us from passing any details on without permission.

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